OMNISPACE360 Advantages vs Other Solutions

OMNISPACE360 Advantages vs Other Solutions

Our immersive domes are advanced and versatile. Designed to use sturdy lightweight materials, simple and scalable assembly patterns, and professional safety specifications these domes are ideal for creating stunning 360-degree theaters in any unique outdoor locations.

Our portable 360-degree multimedia domes make it possible to bring the cutting edge, visually rich experience of fulldome anywhere. They are comfortable and ventilated, offer beautiful visuals, and are quick and easy to set up.

Flat Screen Theater

  • Like watching a different world through a rectangular window instead of being within and surrounded by that world
  • Less engaging, unique, and exciting than Omnispace VR theaters

“Giant Screen” Theaters (Imax, etc.)

  • Rectangular viewing area is bigger and often curved around the front of the audience
  • Better experience, but not nearly as immersive as the full wrap-around Omnispace theaters
  • Seeing outlines of screen still remind viewer they are watching a different world, but not fully immersed in it

VR Headsets

  • Extremely narrow field of view
  • Less peripheral vision than even a normal IMAX giant screen
  • Inferior resolution, color fidelity, frame rate, motion, etc.
  • Isolating instead of social
  • High maintenance & technical sup-port costs
  • Possible eyesight & sanitation issues