Everbright Technology – Consistent Projection Brightness Over Time

Everbright® will revolutionize what is expected of projection.

An OMNISPACE360 patented invention.

Over time all projectors dim over time, whether “old school” DLP or modern Laser projectors; they all become less bright. The end result is that your planetarium will only look at its best when it opens, and every day it will look worse. Although with modern solid-state projectors this problem is “less bad”, but generally Laser projectors still have only a lifespan of 20,000 hours.

Everbright® will change all that! Omnispace has patented this exciting new Everbright technology, guaranteeing a consistent projection brightness over the lifetime of the projector, and even beyond! With our active lumen control which drives Everbright Technology your planetarium will look just as good on day 1 as it will on day 365, or day 1000! Guaranteed!

Consistent Projection Brightness Over Time

Complete Control of Projection Quality

Complete Control of Projection Quality

Everbright Technology allows Omnispace complete control over the projection quality, Therefore Omnispace has the ability to offer multi-year warranties on projection systems and the qualityof the projection is included in the warranty: an industry first! It is your choice as customer to choose a 3-year, 5-year or even 10-year warranties!