OS360 Mobius 8 Coachella Immersive Dome

OMNISPACE360 Solutions and Services

Fantasy Dome Powered by OMNISPACE360 Fractal Universe Show by Julius HorsthuisOMNISPACE360 offers a range of solutions and services to go along with our suite of immersive technologies and projection dome venues. These range from custom video mapping services to broadcast and live action shooting with drones!


When we set out to create the ultimate immersive dome and experience company, our focus was not only on how to best deliver the “pixels to the eyeballs” but how to best engage the brain with deeply compelling and engaging content. This can only be accomplished with the top artists, equipment and production available. So that is what we have put together.


Projection Mapping / Video Mapping


OMNISPACE360 NFL Projection Mapped Hologram Miami Super Bowl 2019 007One of the primary areas that we focus on is Projection Mapping or Video Mapping where our team can take an existing building, structure, sculpture or even people or vehicles and cover them with video. Our team of projection mapping technicians can create a virtual model of the projection target and create custom video and effects onto it. We can even create floating projection mapped “holographic” sky projection as we did for the NFL at the recent Super Bowl in Miami, FL, USA. Click here for a video and more details on that project. Click here to learn more about our video and projection mapping capabilities and solutions.


360 & Fulldome Custom Content Production


Our 360 & fulldome production team has decades of experience producing everything from television and feature films to experiential activations that utilize the latest in capture and production techniques, talent and equipment for 360 and fulldome. This includes the highest resolution possible camera systems, heavy duty drones as well as the latest real-time programming platforms such as Unreal Engine and Unity. Our team of producers, animators and programmers can take a concept from vision to execution and deliver with the level of professionalism that our Fortune 500 clientele has grown to expect and demand. Click here for more details.


Dome & 360 Live Broadcast Production


AT&T Fan Dome PGA 002Omnispace360 was one of the pioneers in dome broadcasting with our team having been the first ever to deliver a live dome broadcast for a major sporting event at the PGA Tour’s prestigious Byron Nelson Classic and Pebble Beach ProAm events. Our team can help you to live broadcast up to 8K 360-degree video to anywhere in the world, including our 360 Projection Domes. Imagine being able to host a World Cup viewing event in an immersive dome venue where the audience feels like they are live in the stadium which is thousands of miles away! This has been done for many years in 360 for VR headsets but it is now available for groups and no headset. Click here to learn more!


When ready we invite you to have one of our solution specialists schedule a call to discuss your project or please also connect with Omnispace360 on your favorite social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.