Sphere Dome Salvador Dali Art Exhibit

At Omnispace360, building mapping happens all the time… but ark mapping is a different story!

Omnispace360 specializes in intimate and immersive dome environments and large-scale projection mapping alike, and aligned with the Ark Experience in Kentucky to create a transformative holiday experience. The Christmas Ark project was a prime example of the unique benefits of building mapping, or in this case, ark mapping! We enjoy taking on projects that offer the opportunity to achieve things that have never been done before – like mapping a 500-foot wide ark! When our Super Bowl partners at Bluemedia were approached with this projection mapping project, they knew exactly who to call to create the most dynamic show possible. This Noah’s Ark structure was built according to the dimensions in the bible: a staggering length of 510 feet, with a width of 85 feet and height of 51 feet – thus making the Ark Encounter the largest timber framed structure in the world!

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