Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 2016: Omnispace delivered an immersive art dome for the Nuit Blanche art festival which features unforgettable illuminated art exhibitions. Nuit Blanche, an annual arts festival which took place in Toronto, Canada, showcased a wide range of cutting-edge art installations and exhibits. Guests were treated to an Omnispace geodesic projection dome which utilized our proprietary immersive media server and automatic dome calibration software to project seamless 4K immersive art experiences.

The dome was a standard OMNISPACE360 12m / 40′ diameter geodesic projection dome and featured our negative pressure projection screen which was designed to be seamless and an optimal fulldome projection surface with just the right reflectivity and color.

“I was blown away and have never experienced art in that way. I can’t wait to see more!” – Jean Bonnet, Festival Attendee

Omnispace works with artists from around the world to deliver immersive experiences like the Nuit Blanche art dome. We have a constant pipeline of projects for permanent fulldome theaters, experiential projection domes, themed attraction domes and many more and are always seeking out new artists that are experiences in 360 VR and/or fulldome. If you are interested in submitting a portfolio for review please contact us.

For any artist or gallery that may want to feature an immersive art dome, we can easily install a geodesic projection dome at your location. The immersive art exhibits are available in a range of options such as:

  • Immersive domes can be suspended from the ceiling with open sides so that the art can be seen from the outside. This requires full control of outside ambient light but is a stunning way to display immersive art.
  • Omnispace geodesic projection domes can also be freestanding with doors and theater seating
  • The domes can also be walk through exhibits.
NFL Super Bowl LIV Miami Projection Mapping

There are many more applications for the Omnispace immersive technology to create immersive art exhibits such as projection mapping where our team can transform an existing venue or gallery into a high-tech immersive video art experience.

  • Fantasy Dome Powered by OMNISPACE360 Visit Show by Sean Caruso 002
  • Fantasy Dome Powered by OMNISPACE360 Fractal Universe Show by Julius Horsthuis
  • Fantasy Dome Powered by OMNISPACE360 Fractal Universe Show by Julius Horsthuis