Seattle International Film Festival – SIFF X

Seattle, Washington, USA – 2016: For the first ever, Omnispace debuted VR content in a fulldome theater at an international film festival. We designed a custom immersive media system for the largest permanent projection dome in the US, a Buckminster fuller dome designed for the 1962 World Fair, for the SIFF X event. Using the Omnispace proprietary media server technology we implemented a system that calibrated to the unique geometry of the Pacific Science Center Laser dome surface, transforming it into the largest permanent fulldome theater in the country and showed Omnispace VR fulldome content for the first time.

We then showcased some of the most visually stunning fulldome content from producers around the world that was curated for the film festival. The fulldome film industry has exploded around the world in recent years due to the expansion of new theaters, including geodesic projection domes and others that are semi-permanent. This has created a tremendous opportunity for Omnispace immersive domes to work with artists and fulldome film producers.

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