Fantasy Dome Fractal Universe Int

Much of what Omnispace360 is known for is our ability to create pop up activations for trade shows, music festivals, and provide a dynamic new element to the events industry. However, some of our finest domes and projection mapping have occurred in permanent or semi-permanent venue locations such as museums and themed attractions. Perhaps none finer than the Fantasy Dome project we created in Las Vegas in 2019 before it was unfortunately closed due to Covid-19.

On the Vortex Deck in the Linq Hotel and Casino right on the iconic Las Vegas Strip we built a 50’ diameter immersive dome theater. Of course, it was not your standard planetarium dome. This theater was designed to push the envelope of not only what had been done with art and entertainment in domes, but also the business model of operating an immersive dome attraction focusing on short art experiences. The Fantasy Dome achieved both and we became one of the pioneers in a cutting edge visual integration of music creating a new art medium sweeping the world.

Fantasy Dome Powered by Omnispace360 Technology

Within the dome we created a fully immersive 4D experience. We began with an eight-projector array using our unique edge blending technology to allow for seamless automatic calibration. Next, we installed an enhanced audio system with 5.1 surround sound and thumping subwoofers to achieve full auditory immersion. To complete the 4D experience we installed and synched up seats with 4D vibration enhancement. Every time the bass would hit on the audio track the seats would vibrate with bass of their own for peak immersion in the art and music.

At the heart of the Fantasy Dome was Omnispace360’s immersive media server technology which drove the projection system and was kept in peak operating performance with our Automatic Calibration System.

“Omnispace360’s technology was key to not only keep the cost down on the build of the Fantasy Dome but it was so easy to operate and keep the projection quality dialed in that we could train anyone on our staff to operate it,” remarked Christian Lampman, President of Fantasy Domes

The dome was also fitted with an external inflatable cover sporting a seamless spherical shape that additional video was projected onto from the outside creating a spectacle that was visible from hotels all around the Strip. Not only that, we also activated a smaller 26’ diameter side dome that served as a gift shop and ticketing location where we sold merchandise for the incredibly talented content creators we worked with to make the Fantasy Dome a reality.

Fantasy Dome Fractal Universe Int
Fantasy Dome Bella Gaia Int

Curated Immersive Art Shows by Internationally Renowned Artists

We were able to curate a wide array of stunning shows for guests to experience based on their specific interests as we teamed up with artists from five countries (USA, Canada, Japan, Netherlands and Germany). From the thought-provoking illustration of all the natural patterns of Earth in Bella Gaia to a breathtaking examination of the past, present, and future of humanity’s path to the stars in Space Next guests were able to experience what it meant to be human on a whole new level.

Our most popular show was the Fractal Universe 360 where the 4D experience reached peak immersion. Internationally renowned artist Julius Horsthuis, who specializes in the use of mathematically generated fractals to create amazing visual artistic environments, combined these “Fractal Environments” with Bassnectar’s music where the visual world, auditory world, and tactile world all synchronized to transport the guests to another plane of reality.

Future of Immersive Dome and Immersive Art Experiences

While this type of immersive art projection dome experience was experimental, it was a success in fully integrating and evolving our technologies and capabilities and as such we are working on replicating it in markets around the world. We look forward to taking it to the next level with live music concert applications and even themed entertainment rides through immersive art.

In addition to our renowned video projection domes, Omnispace360 also delivers immersive art experiences via video projection mapping when you are looking for immersive content but don’t need a dome. We can transform any space into a projected video environment easily with our technology and create amazing immersive galleries and exhibitions.

If you are interested in discussing how we can help you deliver a dome experience like this or if you have immersive art shows that you would like to submit for future immersive dome installations, please contact us here You can also find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or check out more of our projects and videos on YouTube.