Sphere Dome Salvador Dali Art Exhibit

Located at the picturesque Salvador Dalí museum on the waterfront of St. Petersburg, Florida lays one of our most ambitious projects yet.

We crossed paths with the museum’s Directors in February 2021 while working on Super Bowl LV across the bay in Tampa. During our correspondence they mentioned they were impressed by the immersive effect of our show at the Rivergate Tower that could be seen from around the city, and expressed interest in finding ways to bring Dalí’s surreal dreamscapes to life. When we showed them our passion for art and creating 360° immersive media, the seeds were planted for the first-of-its-kind, revolutionary, permanent immersive art-dome installation.

Immersive media spheres are revolutionizing how visual art is viewed and experienced much in the same way that movie theaters did a century ago and IMAX screens expanded upon at the turn of the millennium.

Our Super Bowl 360° Dome Experience and the immersive Music Festival Dome Experiences that we have since executed all signal this collective shift in the way we consume visual media. The Dalí Alive 360˚ Dome was constructed by Omnispace360 in partnership with Grande Experiences and The Dali Museum with the ultimate goal of creating the most immersive format possible to portray Salvador Dalí’s artistic journey. Our animation team brought our partners’ 2D-show to life by rendering a 3D-version for the screen and a complementary version to be projected onto the floor of the dome in tandem.
Salvador Dali Museum Tampa Florida Sphere Dome Immersive Exhibit
Salvador Dali Museum Tampa Florida Sphere Dome Immersive Exhibit

The outside of the sphere is wrapped in a custom-printed vinyl cover inspired by Dalí’s iconic Disintegration Of The Persistence of Memory.

Our engineering and creative team crafted an experience that allow for Dalí’s powerful life story to cascade around the viewer. The dome is also safe – reinforced with an inner cover made of a specialized, architectural-grade membrane able to withstand 140mph winds. Hardware includes a projection truss mounted into the roof, that then projects onto circular IMAX sized screen walls, as well as the 2,800 square feet of the theater itself.

There are moments of the show that evoke feelings of being in a fine art museum that has come alive.

That, paired with interview footage, present an immersive experience that can be viewed from floor to ceiling. Viewers can expect experiences such as: paintings on the wall dissolving and reforming at the viewers feet, rose petals falling all around them, the floor transforming to rustic Spanish brick roads from Dalí’s hometown, and the ground beneath turning into a giant clock. The Dalí Alive360 Dome will open as a permanent exhibition at the Salvador Dalí museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Salvador Dali Museum Tampa Florida Sphere Dome Immersive Exhibit