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Omnispace is a full-service provider of immersive environments and experiences that
have revolutionized storytelling and will take you to new worlds!

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Welcome to the world of immersive media

Omnispace360 represents limitless possibilities of creating virtual environments in different planes of space and time and was created with the future in mind. We are dedicated to the design, creation, and integration of innovative solutions powered by our ever expanding cutting edge technologies!

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Geodesic Dome

Inflatable Domes

Omnispace360 offers the best fulldome media systems in the world which combine with a range of immersive dome venues and fulldome theaters of different types and sizes from 10' (3m) diameter all the way up to 400' (122m)..the largest immersive domes in the world!

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Media Servers

Immersion Domes




Media Server Technology

Automatic Calibration

Everbright Technology

Omnispace360 Technologies offer media solutions by designing and engineering complex technology to deliver projects for our clients and partners. As a result of decades of such projects, our team has perfected and refined these solutions into an Immersion Domes media system. This system is essentially a technology ecosystem that combines to allow for projects that are both innovative and highly impactful.

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Solutions & Services

Omnispace360 offers a range of solutions and services to go along with our suite of Immersion Domes technologies and projection dome venues. These range from custom video mapping services to broadcast and live action 360 video recording utilizing drone technology!

  • Any <br> Use Case

    Use Case

    Immersion Domes theaters, live performances, experiential advertising, corporate events, gaming, concerts, parties, simulation, motion rides, education, planetariums – the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild, we'll keep up.

  • Simple <br> Powerful


    Incredibly powerful technology, no experience required. This is innovation, and we're passionate about it. First we developed a novel and complex solution, then we made it accessible to anyone through an intuitive iPad interface.

  • Live <br> Input


    Omnispace360 process content in real-time. Connect to our system as easily as connecting to a monitor – perfect for live events or interactive applications. Add content to our media player from any format – no cryptic workflows or exhaustive editing, more creative time.

  • Any <br> Size


    From personal domes to entire stadiums, our modular projection domes are suitable for venues of any size.

  • Any <br> Environment


    Easily deployable, excessively dependable. Years worth of expertise has refined our product. Brutal environments have honed our execution.

  • Any <br> Resolution


    We've used as many as 64 projectors to make one giant image! Our software and hardware architecture can support any installation, at any quality.